The 13th Month

Author: Unknown
Year: Unknown

If you use the Julian or the Gregorian calendar, beware.

February, out of all the months of the year, has only 28 days. "Why so," is a question that crosses the mind once in a while. Well, it's not a coincidence. It's a hint. If you take the extra days of the other months so that every month only has 28 days like February, there will be enough days to create a 13th month with... 28 days. Sure, there are enough to have a month or two with 29 days, but there will definitely a 13th month. And you know what they say about the 13th day of every month, right? Especially if it's on a Friday. Good thing we use a 12-month system, though. If it's Friday the 13th on the 13th month of the year and you know it...

I wonder what would happen.