Tarnished Gold

Author: Unknown
Year: Unknown

Being someone who isn't nearly as computer savvy as someone from this generation should be, I know very little about what technology is capable of. Aside from email, IM, and the occasional download of something otherwise unobtainable for me at the moment, I have about the same amount of knowledge an eighty-year-old might possess about the electronic world. For example, and for the sake of this tale I'm about to recount, I was totally unaware that someone is capable of hacking Pokemon games to make their own sub-story of the world - even less so that it was possible to make a physical copy of the game in a real cartridge.

However, I happened to learn about this one in one of the most disturbing ways possible.

When I was younger, Pokemon Gold was my very first game from the ever-popular franchise. I became very attached to the little creatures my character (name after myself even though the character was male) caught and often fantasized about the adventures we would go through had a preset storyline not been in place. That isn't quite important, though. What is important is the fact that I never truly let go of my childhood fantasies; the memories from that first game were far too cherished to set free. As such, I still have my old Gold cartridge, compleete with a total abuse of the copy glitch. I refuse to restart my game, though. I'm afraid too much of the old magic would be lost.

I wanted to play a whole new game of the version that I recall being the happiest with, but older cartridges are rather hard to find outside of the Internet nowadays; the most my local flea markets have are GBA games, with hardly any being Pokemon.

Fortunately for me, my grandmother still fully supports my long-standing love for Pokemon and often buys boxes of carts, toys, video tapes, and other items she comes across during her frequent visits to local auctions. Granted, very little of these things she gives me are in good condition; long forgotten items stowed away in a musty basement after the phase in their owner's life has passed hardly ever are. But, as gifts from a dear relative, I cherish them as if they were made of gold...pun not intended. Most recently, she gave me a box with a brand new video tape containing episodes from early on in the first season, several hundred battered and well-used cards, and a game cartridge with no label.

The cartridge was the familiar metallic gold color of the game I had been looking for. Even though the label had been removed and a lard red X was drawin in sharpie in the place the sticker should have been, I could easily tell what it was. What other game had that color? You can imagine my excitement for finally finding another copy! I thanked her profusely and promised I would play it as soon as I got home, which I did. Getting started was difficult - not because the game was faulty, but because I had sold my GBA to my little brother several years ago for some of his better Pokemon cards. Once something belongs to him, it's difficult to get him to lend it out to me. Such is sibling relations, I suppose.

After much bribery, I finally got my hands on my former GBA and quickly inserted the vandalized game. Chills ran through my body as the opening 'movie' for the game began to play, sending a wave of nostalgia crashing over me. It was good to see it again. The game opened normally; the pixelated image of Ho-oh flying through the sky beneath the title presented itself before leading into the normal selection screen. The person who owned the game before me still had a game file, but I cared very little about what someone did before me. Considering the condition of their things, they must have been very young. I was bound to be met with a team full of Pikachu with ridiculous names.

I started a new game.

It was here that I realized something wasn't quite right with the game. The normal intro involving a Professor introducing you to the world of Pokemon didn't play out. Rather, it played like this: It started out with a black screen, which was quite familiar considering that's how Gold, Silver, and Crystal begin. Instead of the normal "What time is it?" dialogue, however, I was met with something else.

Pokemon are nothing more than tools.
Use them and throw them away.

The black screen faded away, revealing an empty area at night. It looked familiar; I vguely remember it being a route in an earlier part of the game. Since I've been away from the game for so long, I couldn't place it. In the silence of this scene, the sprite of your rival (henceforth noted as Silver) walked in from the left. He moved a little slower than normal, as if he were hesitant about something. Once he had moved to the middle of the screen, he stopped and turned back to look at where he came from, turned toward where he was going, and turned back towards where he had came once again.

For a moment, he stood there, simply staring towards the left side of the screen before a dialogue box popped up beneath him saying nothing more than "..." After that, he turned around yet again, only to continue off to walk off-screen. The scene faded away to be replaced with Silver standing in the place where you first officially see him just outside Professor Elm's laboratory. It was clearly in a slightly later part of the game than normal as the professor and his assistants all exited the lab and went their separate ways: the assistants left the town and Elm walked further downward off screen. I assume that meant he left for his home and rmeained in town. The character of Gold was nowhere to be seen.

After that small scene, it stayed on Silver. I thought the game had frozen for a minute, but I finally realized I was able to move him. Honestly, I was a little excited. Silver was (and always has been) my favorite of the rivals. It was an interesting thing to be able to play as him. I moved him a little further downward to see if I was able to explore, but it stopped me each time I moved one step away from the front of the lab. A dialogue box poppuped up that said, "I can't leave yet..." It backed me up a step afterward. I moved back up to the place he had originally been standing and moved into the window. It worked much like a door and it allowed me to ender Professor Elm's lab.

Aside from the regular equipment (bookshelves, computers, trash cans, tables, etc), the lab was empty. It was to be expected, since the employees had just left a moment ago. On the table was a single Pokeball. Being without one at the moment, I walked over and took it. A dialogue box popped up and said "Obtained TOTODILE" but no 'item get' music played. Apparently, stealing wasn't condoned even by the game. After pressing A, it gave me the option of naming the Pokemon. I picked yes, as I love naming these things. As it took me to the naming screen, however, another dialogue popped up and interrupted the naming process.

"Don't name it! You'll only get attached.
Don't love it. Use it."

It was clearly the voice of the same person who spoke in the very beginning. I found it odd. The naming screen faded away, leaving me in the empty lab. I quickly tried to leave through the front door, but was stopped by Silver saying, "Not through here..." Again, he backed up and I was forced to exit through the window I had come in from. As if things weren't strange enough as they were, it was nearly impossible to get a random battle to start once I left New Bark Town and stepped in the grass. I go out of my way to avoid them later on in the game, but during the beginning it was something I enjoyed to get my Pokemon to level up. Being unable to find something to fight was a little frustrating.

After several minutes of walking back and forth in patches of grss, I finally encountered a Pokemon: a Sentret. It was nothing out of the ordinary, but when I sent out my Totodile and chose the only presently-useful move he had, Scratch, the Pokemon fled. I was rather confused; a wild Pokemon never ran, not so early in the game. After a few more tries, all with the same outcome, I continued on to Cherrygrove. Just before I entered the city, I recognized the small area as the one Silver had walked through in the beginning. After entering the city, I bumped into Gold, who wordlessly challenged me to a battle.

His Pokemon, a Cyndaquil, was already a slightly higher level than mine (I was still stuck at level five, but he was already at level seven) and, even though I had the type advantage, he beat me. Before whiting out, his sprite switched out with the Cyndaquil's. He looked disappointed. After exiting the Cherrygrove Pokemon Center (I hadn't used it prior, but it was apparently the only option I had), I walked back to the place he had challenged me only to find I was unable to battle him at this point again.

The game was getting a little annoying by now. I had no money, Pokegear, or Pokedex. I was also unable to battle wild Pokemon. Fortunately, once I entered route 30 onward, there were other Pokemon Trainers in which I could battle and easily beat, though none of them seemed eager to speak to me after I had won. By the time I entered Violet City, my Pokemon's level was still too low to take on the gym leader. However, with the money I had won from the trainers I fought before, I was at least able to buy some potions. I felt I was set.

The lesser trainers of the gym were easy enough. I was only forced to use two of my previously purchased potions and I leveled up once. As I took on the gym leader, he proved to be too much and I lost yet again. Upon winning, he did the very same thing Gold had done: he looked disappointed as well. When the battle ended, I didn't white out. Rather, I had to endure a lecture about treating Pokemon correctly from the leader. Once he finished speaking, I received a one-worded question: "Steal?"

I chose the only option given to me: "Yes."

Silver backed u one step and slammed into the gym leader, kicking him backwards. Another dialogue box popped up telling me that I had stolen the gym badge, TM31, and $500. After that, I whited out. This is how it continued on for the remainder of the game. While I was able to defeat lesser trainers on the paths to cities and in the gyms, I constantly lost to the leader and was forced to steal their badges. The steal option also worked on people who would normally give you items in the game; this is how I was able to obtain key items like the Itemfinder, the bicycle, the water pail, HMs, and more. They refused to give me anything otherwise.

Anyone I spoke to either refused to talk, greeting me only with "...", or lectured me a little on how to properly treat Pokemon. It was beginning to get that way with Nurse Joy, as well. By the time I had progressed to Goldenrod City, she would scold me any time I whited out. Pokemon continued to avoid me, as well. If I wanted to better my team, I had to hope that the Pokeballs I used worked the first time. What was stranger about random battles is that even if I locked the Pokemon in battle with Mean Look, the Pokemon passed out. Literally. After my first attack of Mean Look (if I got the first attack, that is), the Pokemon would faint on its own before I could choose another attack.

The dialogue box proclaimed, "-POKEMON- forced itself to pass out!" and the battle ended.

The only thing that seemed to go normally for me was the battles with Team Rocket. I always won against them and they always treated me like a punk kid getting in their way. The rest of the game, up until a certain point, isn't entirely important. Aside from win, lose, and steal, everything was more or less normal. While my Pokemon matured slowly due to frequent losses, they did grow to like me a little as I began giving them haircuts and other little things to boost our bond. The last I had checked, the person who rated their happiness (one of the very few people who spoke to me normall) said, "It's quite cute."

I know you must be thinking that this isn't disturbing at all and that I should just accept the fact that this is simply a hack made to tell Silver's side of the story... Well, I did. It was. However, I'm not quite finished yet. Once I had finally made it to Kanto (continuing the process of win, lose, and steal), I ventured into Viridian City. The second I stepped foot into the city, the music cut off. I thought for certain that this was a glitch in the programming, that I was now to walk through a soundless game. As I stood there for a second, though, a very faint noise picked up and faded away.

I was now sure that the music had messed up, like it was trying to play but couldn't. I stepped back into the route I had just come from and the music picked up perfectly. It was only Viridian City that was silent. I was now curious, so I stepped back into the silent town and began to explore. There wasn't a person in sight; no one was out in the open and no one was in the houses. There wasn't even anyone in the Pokemart or Pokemon Center. The city was entirely empty. All there was was the silence and the occasional soft noise, which I still hadn't identified. As I walked towards the gym, the sound grew a little louder. I figured the noise was coming from inside, so I entered. There was no one there, either, but that was to be expected; the gym was always empty until much later.

The noise didn't play in here, but it was still dead silent.

I walked up to where the gym leader normally stood and, as I walked past the spot and into the wall (I do that sometimes. I like the noise) I was transported to another room. The wall had hidden a set of stairs. This place was silent, as well, but the noise began to play yet again. It was much louder this time - a bunch of random high-pitched noises - but it sounded like screams. By this time, as you could well imagine, my heart was pounding. I don't take screaming or anything that sounds like screaming very well. It's due to an unfortunate experience with a very graphic haunted house when I was three...but I digress. Regardless of my pounding heart and my shaking hands, I explored the room. It was tinted in a muted red much like everything was in Pokemon Red. The room followed a sideways zig-zag pattern and the screams came at random. Some were short, but some were long and drawn out. It sounded as if someone was being tortured.

As I continued down the zig-zagging hallways, i came across several disturbing images: sprites of NPCs without their heads, as well as heads without bodies. Any time I tried to examine either of these, Silver would simply say, "Don't look..." The bodies and heads became more frequent as I went on, clogging up the hallways and leaving only a small path for me to follow. The screaming was becoming more frequent, as well. The screen began to flicker as I walked, just like it would if one of my Pokemon was poisoned. I was certain none of them were, however. Just in case, I opened my party menu to check. None of my Pokemon were afflicted with poison, but their health had started to lower. In an attempt to fix this, I picked a super potion out of my bag and tried to use it on my Feraligatr.

A dialogue box popped up and said, "It won't have any effect."

Now I was disturbed. I knew none of this was supposed to happen. Regardless, I continued on, hoping that if they all fainted from this, I'd be taken back to a Pokemon Center and things would return to normal. It was stupid of me to assume that. I continued along the morbid path, the screen flickering in and out. I began to notice that Silver himself was beginning to move a little slower, as well. I don't know what, but something was draining my Pokemon's energy as well as my own. Finally, Silver stopped as the dialogue box had popped up telling me that all my Pokemon had fainted, but it didn't say what I had hoped.

It said, "ALL DEAD."

By now, I was ready to cry, but I couldn't stop myself from trying to get to the end of this disturbing experience. If I didn't do this now, I'd just be tempted to try it again some other time. Finally, I reached the center room. The screen was tinted a deep red now. I assumed this was to simulate the fact that the room was filled with blood. However, there were only a few bodies scattered around it. In the center were a few live figures: a man, an unknown Pokemon, Gold, and another Pokemon I could only assume was his Typhlosion. Gold's Typhlosion attacked the man's Pokemon, but it was quickly struck down. Its sprite turned red, then grey, then disappeared. The man's Pokemon had killed it.

Silver's sprite stepped forward on its own and the man finally acknowledged he was there.

GIOVANNI: "Ah, son, you've made it. Come to see your rival's demise, have you?"

This caused Gold to turn arund to look at Silver. The only thing he said was, "..." Silver continued to move on his own. He approached the Giovanni and kicked him backwards. It obviously enraged the man.

GIOVANNI: "You're going to help him?
You've become just as weak as the others!
If he seems worth saving to you...
Perhaps I should show you that there's no sense in getting attached!
MEWTWO, take care of him!"

Mewtwo obeyed his creator's command and approached Gold. I'm still uncertain of what it actually did, but it struck Gold, causing a scream much louder than before as the prite of Silver's rival lost its head and faded to deep red and then grey.

GIOVANNI: "I told you long ago, Silver. Either manipulate or be manipulated.
Pokemon are nothing more than tools.
People are nothing more than tools.
After they've served your purpose, they're no longer useful...
Kill him!"

The Mewtwo didn't obey this time; Giovanni's words must have angered it. It turned to him and actually spoke.

MEWTWO: "...You're no longer useful..."

It struck Giovanni just as it had done Gold and Typhlosion, but the scream Giovanni produced was much longer than any other I had heard. Mewtwo was torturing him. Finally, the scream faded away into nothingness and Giovanni's sprite did just as Gold's did, leaving only Silver and Mewtwo alive n the room. As Mewtwo turned to face me, I knew that wouldn't last for long.

MEWTWO: "...Not useful..."

It struck me, initiating a battle in which I was totally unable to participate. My sprite was in the place of any Pokemon; my health had dwindled past the halfway point, but I knew it didn't matter either way. I chose to run, but I couldn't. I chose to attack, but I had nothing to use. I jsut had to stand there as mewtwo use Psychic on Silver's defenseless image. Even with the sound turned to a low level, the scream coming from Silver was disturbingly loud. Even as the battle screen faded away, the scream lingered until Silver's sprite turned from red to grey, which I now assume symbolizes the coldness of death. Silver, along with Gold and everyone else who had been unfortunate enough to wander into this place from Viridian, was now dead.

The screen faded to black, all except for Mewtwo's sprite, which remained in the scenter of the screen. My paranoid mind immediately made me think he was somehow going to turn on me next, but the word END simply faded in just underneath him and the screen cut to black, taking me back to the opening sequence. I'm still unsure why this was made, why someone shoved it into a box to sell, and why I happened to find it. I can assure you I'm swearing off all randomly found games, too. Either it's new, or I'll never risk touching it again.

The game I just described has slipped out of my possession since that first playthrough. I have no idea where it is, but I hope it's rotting in a dump somewhere.